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Management Letter

Dear Partners,

World-class organizations are defined by certain core characteristics: expertise, innovation and a passion for serving customer, to name a few, and this is what defines the distinguished organization which I am privileged to serve as Chairman & CEO

During the years I have worked in the organization, I have come to know the amount of respect this company has from its partners, customers, and suppliers. This solely is the result of how we manage to tackle issues at hand at all times; with integrity and purpose.

Providing the Egyptian customers with reputable brands and service products of the highest level is a constant challenge in order to grow and sustain top position with targeted growth figures in the coming years. This requires extensive efforts, enthusiasm and coherency.

We have been in the market for decades. Our success and expertise stems from long hours of effective work by a selected team of experts that supports our efforts in all areas. We pride in maintaining efficiency, integrity and transparency as well as building a management team which has contributed to establish our reputation as one of the automotive leaders in Egypt.

We build our credibility and trust through communicating clear and truthful information to our partners in business, principals, customers, and definitely to our Team. We develop our team of selected expert staff through investing in human resources and career development activities through training in Egypt & abroad.

We capitalize on complying with both local and international regulations, as well as implementing corporate governance principals.

On behalf of the entire board of directors, I thank SMG’s executives for their outstanding leadership and all of the employees for carrying forth the company’s outstanding legacy and enduring commitment to its customers.



Ibrahim Ghattas
Chairman & CEO


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